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Join CabNet

Drivers on the CabNet Taxi Network can still drive for anyone else and benefit from the extra bookings and income from CabNet.


Accept bookings from customers within a 20km radius of your nominated location*. Receive bookings directly to your nominated mobile phone.

Avoid losing fares when passengers are unable to pay, by using our unique  Cabpay system. 


Join the network by completing the simple form below.  Once your registration has been processed our admin team will contact you to confirm your details and your preferred allocated search area.

Benefits of joining CabNet:

Zero Commission on fares collected directly

Accept payments by smartphone


Vehicle Emission Reports &

Carbon Credit Analysis (these will soon be a legal requirement)

Discounts on;

Car Finance




Direct phone/email bookings

Referral of bookings

Local marketing

CabNet mark of quality

 Unique CabNet email


Membership to the

CabNet Driver Equity Programme


We value drivers who join the network to provide our customers with the  licensed taxi services they deserve and all registered Drivers automatically benefit from the CabNet Drivers Equity Programme

The CabNet Taxi Network currently extends to;

89 Countries

1024 Towns & Cities


10572 registered licensed taxi companies and drivers

CabNet Operation Zones

  Zone 1


 Isle of Man






 Zone 2





 Cayman Islands


 Falkland Islands




 Hong Kong






 San Marino

 Saudi Arabia

 Saint Maarten




 United States


  Zone 3



 British Virgin Islands


 Czech Republic

 Equatorial Guinea

 Faroe Islands









 New Caledonia

 New Zealand


  Saint Pierre and Miquelon

 South Korea


 Trinidad and Tobago

 United Arab Emirates

 United Kingdom

 US Virgin Islands


 Zone 4

 Antigua and Barbuda







 French Polynesia











 Puerto Rico



 Saint Kitts and Nevis




 The Bahamas

 Turks and Caicos Islands



 Zone 5



 American Samoa










 Cook Islands

 Costa Rica




 Dominican Republic


















 Northern Mariana Islands




 Saint Lucia

 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


 South Africa

 Sri Lanka








Zone 6









 Bosnia and Herzegovina



 Cape Verde


 Congo, Rep.

 Côte d'Ivoire


 El Salvador














 Marshall Islands











 Papua New Guinea



  Saint Helena, Ascension


 São Tomé and Príncipe


 State of Palestine








Tristan da Cunha







 Wallis and Futuna

 Western Sahara






 Zone 7


 Burkina Faso


 Central African Republic


 Congo, Dem. Rep.












 North Korea



 Sierra Leone

 Solomon Islands


 South Sudan

 The Gambia



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