What is the difference between Uber, Lyft etc. and CabNet?

The key differences are;


- CabNet is a Global network of existing operational licensed companies and drivers

- CabNet can operate in any location where existing licensed companies and drivers operate

- CabNet drivers remain employed by their existing taxi company

- CabNet has unlimited potential. There are no known geographical or regulatory boundaries


How do I register?

Simply click on the join today button, complete the company or driver registration form and submit to CabNet.


Are fees payable?

There are no joining fees.  A nominal annual subscription fee is charged that enables and maintains the facility to make payments to drivers and companies who have joined the network.


Do I need a CabNet app to drive?

Not at present.  The customer contacts you via your registered mobile number to make a booking or via the CabNet central booking process which is then allocated to you by phone or email.   CabNet central booking service is mainly used for advance or repeat bookings.


Can I still drive for my taxi company?

Absolutely yes. CabNet is a network of companies and drivers.   You take bookings and payments as normal.  Once you are registered, you can receive bookings directly from customers on your mobile phone and even epayments via CabNet from passengers who choose to pay using our epayment process. This helps reduce lost fares  - customers with no cash can choose to pay via their smartphones.

What is the CabNet Driver Equity Programme?

The CDEP is a way of CabNet sharing its success with the drivers who are registered on the network and hence provide the valuable service to our customers.  CabNet allocates 10% of its equity to the CDEP and in the event of any sale of the equity then its value is split between any driver who has a live registration at that time.


What epayments can I accept?

CabNet processes epayments on your behalf from Paypal, Google and other epay systems.  The payment is allocated to you by CabNet, based on your registered epayment mobile number you provided during registration.


Can I take bookings anywhere?

Absolutely - accept bookings as per normal.  Some passengers may choose to pay with our epayment process. Any payments received via our epayment process are forwarded onto the company or driver minus a 3% handling fee.

How do I receive bookings?

Once you are registered and live on the system we allocate you an area approx. 20km in diameter based on the postcode you have elected to be your COO (Centre of Operation). When customers search within that area your details will be shown within the search results.  Also once available your live location will be shown to customers based on proximity to their location.


How do I get paid?

Drivers are able to accept payments directly by cash or card.  Drivers can also choose to accept a fare via CabNet epay system which enables a customer to pay any fare using their smartphone.  Any fares that are collected via the CabNet epay system are allocated to the paypal or account details you provided at the time of registration.  A 3% handling fee is charged on any fares received and paid via the CabNet epay system.

What is the difference between registering as a driver or company?

Companies can register as a whole which covers all driver details that are shared with CabNet.  However, drivers can also register on their own, if they wish to allocate a more specific Centre of Operation (COO)* and receive payments directly. (*live positioning of drivers will shortly be available)


What are CabNet 'Zones'?

CabNet network is divided into seven country Zones which generally correspond to the level of fares charged. 
Please select your corresponding zone during registration - eg UK is Zone 3.


Where is CabNet based?

CabNet is a trading name of Alton Estates Ltd which is a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom.

Other question?

Please feel free to email the admin team on info@cabnettaxi.com

last updated 25 Sept 2019