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This page provides information for potential investors in the CabNet Taxi Network.


The network currently has 10270 Licensed Taxi Companies & Drivers across 80 countries & 890 towns and cities.


 On average one or two new locations to the network every day.

The graph below shows the past and planned future development of the network over the next period

CabNet has already achieved its target of 800 towns & cities by October 2019.  The next new target is now 900 by the end of December 2020.

source CabNet Taxi Network 2019

The addition of a new location generally equates to the increase in 6 new licensed taxi companies and over 100 new drivers onto the network.  Further evidence on the rapid growth of CabNet can be found on the CabNet facebook page.

The following represents the planned timeline for CabNet investment strategy*

Sept 2014

App development commenced

May 2015

IOs App Launched

Jan 2016

Android App Launched

Mar 2016

Seed investment received for 1% equity

Dec 2017

Epayment facility launched


Series A Financing programme for 10-12% equity


Series B investment programme for 20% equity

*above is the planned investment strategy. CabNet welcomes any enquiry from suitable investors looking to invest or acquire interests in the business.  For further information please select the link below.

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